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So it’s four weeks today since we’ve opened our doors. With so many brewing methods to choose from it’s taken a bit of time to master our brewing methods. We’ve also have realised that a lot more people than we though use an Aeropress at home. So here are our brewing methods for all our coffee’s and we hope that you can get the same results we get in the shop at home.

Tapped and Packed Aeropress Methods:

We generally brew our press’ at 85 degrees Celsius and with 200 ml of water as well as those two factors we also use the inverted method. Our grind setting is between a espresso and paper filter grind and our press is about 25 seconds ┬áso here are our methods are:

Brazil: 16g of coffee, 40 seconds brewing time

Columbia: 20g of coffee, 36 seconds brewing time

Ethiopia (Union):17g of coffee, 35 seconds brewing time

Ethiopia (Square Mile: 15g coffee, 35 seconds brewing time

Rwanda: 20g of coffee, 37 seconds brewing time

Please keep in mind that we submerge our grounds in a 100 ml of water start out timer and stir the grounds before topping up the water.

Hope this tips will help you get some tasty brews at home or if you know how to make our coffees tastier let us know.

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