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So it’s four weeks today since we’ve opened our doors. With so many brewing methods to choose from it’s taken a bit of time to master our brewing methods. We’ve also have realised that a lot more people than we though use an Aeropress at home. So here are our brewing methods for all our coffee’s and we hope that you can get the same results we get in the shop at home.

Tapped and Packed Aeropress Methods:

We generally brew our press’ at 85 degrees Celsius and with 200 ml of water as well as those two factors we also use the inverted method. Our grind setting is between a espresso and paper filter grind and our press is about 25 seconds  so here are our methods are:

Brazil: 16g of coffee, 40 seconds brewing time

Columbia: 20g of coffee, 36 seconds brewing time

Ethiopia (Union):17g of coffee, 35 seconds brewing time

Ethiopia (Square Mile: 15g coffee, 35 seconds brewing time

Rwanda: 20g of coffee, 37 seconds brewing time

Please keep in mind that we submerge our grounds in a 100 ml of water start out timer and stir the grounds before topping up the water.

Hope this tips will help you get some tasty brews at home or if you know how to make our coffees tastier let us know.

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We’ve  been open for a week now and what a week it’s been. Thank you to everyone for coming in and saying hello. The sign painter has come and painted us a number and our breakfast menu is getting there. So here it is along with a photo of the shop front.



Fresh Fruit Salad with Yogurt, Cream or Honey £2.50

Apples £0.50

Peaches & Pears £0.45

Bananas £0.40


Pain au Chocolat/Croissant £1.20

Apricot Danish £1.50

Apple and Berry Danish £1.50

Pain au Raisins £1.50

Ham & Cheese/Cheese & Tomato Croissants £2.00


Rye, Sourdough, Granary Toast

Two Rounds with Jam or Honey £0.50

Banana Bread Two Rounds £1.00


Bircher Muesli with Yogurt and Honey £2.50

Half Muesli Half Fruit Salad £2.50


Bacon Sandwich with Spicy Tomato and Onion Chutney £3.20

Smoked Salmon dressed with Sea Salt Black Pepper and Lemon Juice £2.99

Thick Cut French Ham with Meaux Wholegrain Mustard £1.99


Spanish Orange £1.40

Californian Grapefruit £1.40

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In addition to our espresso menu, we will be serving a variety of brewed single origin coffees to have in.  Our coffees are supplied to us by our favourite London based artisan roasteries and are constantly changing as new crops come into the country.

Our first selections are:

House Espresso- Climpson and Sons Winter Blend.
El Salvodore, Santa Adelaida Organic Co – Operative,Bourbon Fully Washed

El Salvador, Piedra Grande, Fully Washed Bourbon,

India Monsooned Malabar, Bibi Plantation, Karnataka State, Red Catucai Wet Dry,

Sumatra Kalossi

Single Origin Espresso – Climpson and Sons, Square Mile and Union changing daily, so you’re going to have to ask our baristas what’s on offer.

Specialty Coffee’s

Columbia – Tolima – La Linda – Caturra Fully Washed – Square Mile Roasters

Brazil – Minas Gerais -Lambari Farm- Catuai Pulped Natural – Union Hand Roasted

Ethiopia – Yirgacheffe – Konga Co- Operative – Mixed Heirloom Varietals Fully Washed – Union Hand Roasted

Ethiopia – Yirgacheffe – Mixed Heirloom Varietals Fully Washed – Square Mile Roasters

Rwanda – Maraba – Abahuzamugambi Ba Kawa Co-Operative- Bourbon Fully Washed- Union Hand Roasted

With these above coffees you’ll be also able to choose a brewing method; filter, cafetiere, siphon or aeropress

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